Attic Pest Droppings - Cleanup

Rats, mice and other rodents when present in the attic not only harm the property but also pose a serious risk to the health of property holders. These pesky rodents can carry millions of parasites which on transfer from one creature to another can be damaging. 

If your attic is full of rodent feces and urine it will give off a pungent odor too unbearable to live with it. So you would want to clean it up properly after the rodent removal to get rid of these odors and disinfect the whole place. 

Due to the irresistible infections that rodents carry, you should adopt additional preventive measures when cleaning their infestation, rodent droppings or mouse poop from a contaminated area. 

1. Ensure to eliminate all rodents before beginning 

Before you start cleaning your attic, it is important to expel the current rodent infestation by trapping. When there is no proof of a pervasion, hold up around 5 days before starting to clean your attic. Before cleaning the space, ventilate the whole area by opening the entryways and windows for 30 minutes to permit natural air to enter the zone and to expel defiled air from the area. Use cross-ventilation and leave the region during the airing-out period. 

2. Self-protection comes first!

Remember, your health comes before everything. So it is imperative to adopt all the necessary precautionary measures before starting up.

  1. Make sure your hands are covered in latex or plastic gloves. 
  2. Spray the rodent droppings or mice poop with the disinfectant; allow it to soak for five minutes. 
  3. To remove the excrement, Use paper towels and discard them in plastic trash bags. 
  4. Once everything is cleaned, reapply the disinfectant over the area and all the other suspected spots. 

3. Remove dead rats and mice. 

You might come across a few dead rodents lying around during the cleanup process. Before you tidy up dead rats and mice, take these sanitation steps seriously: 

  1. Put on gloves and get ready cleaning equations (fade and water). 
  2. Take a nice disinfectant and spray it over the dead bodies.
  3. Dispose of rodent's corpse outside. 
  4. Dispose of the gloves and wash your hands properly.

4. Vacuum the little feces 

The little droppings of rats, mice, squirrels, and bats can be vacuumed up if they are not that big. Make sure you are using a nice filter vacuum. 

5. Handpick large feces 

Raccoons and Opossums leave loads of large feces in the attic. If not doing insulation substitution, evacuate them by hand - with gloves. 

6. Decontaminate and disinfect the entire area 

Collect all the used garments, bedsheets, quilts, cushions, and stuffed toys after you are done with clean-up and machine-wash them in hot water. When washed, place the textures and different washables into your dryer and turn them at a high temperature; anything over 115 degrees should kill all Hantaviruses. Contaminated floor coverings, rugs, and furniture will need expert evaluation steam cleaners with cleanser or disinfectant. 

7. Lastly, seal all the holes in floorboards, walls, and rooftop to ensure that rodents stay away for the indefinite future 

Fill any open holes bigger than -inch with material that cannot be chewed, similar to wire mesh or steel cushions. Seal these holes and extra breaks with caulk to prevent easy entry points of these pesky rodents

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